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The Master in Cybersecurity program seeks to develop graduates into professionals who can ethically oversee and govern the cybersecurity programs in an organization. The program includes business courses to allow cybersecurity professionals to align the business priorities while managing the cybersecurity threats. The curriculum was developed to address a growing need to manage cybersecurity threats as firms adopt new technologies and restructure the workplace, and was modeled after international standards for developing cybersecurity programs while keeping the tradition of a strong practitioner-oriented focus.

The Master in Cybersecurity enables graduates to become information security professionals and experts in information security detection and prevention. This program opens its doors to both non-technical managers who need the added technical knowledge, and technical managers who need to build their organizational management capabilities, to empower them to properly steer their teams in the face of cyberattacks and related risks. 

Program coursework spans 18 months. Classes are held every Friday night from 6:00 PM to 9:30 PM and Saturday from 9:00 AM to 5:30 PM. Applicants may opt to take the classes on campus or online via zoom with on-campus classes on five weekends. The flexible, hybrid curriculum makes it possible for working professionals to pursue a graduate degree amid other commitments.

Student learning in the program will be evaluated based on the following objectives:

  • Master in Cybersecurity graduates, as security management professionals, will be able to create and support management plans and programs for organizational business continuity, resilience, and financial viability.
  • Master in Cybersecurity graduates will be able to ethically and responsibly manage risks, threats and vulnerabilities.
  • Master in Cybersecurity graduates will be able to effectively communicate and interact with various functional areas.
  • Master in Cybersecurity graduates will be able to support and enhance the governance, risk, control and financial management frameworks of the organization.



Comprised of 41 students from disparate businesses at various stages of their careers, the pioneer cohort’s average work experience is 17 years, and their educational backgrounds include nursing, education, political science, economics, engineering, and law, to name a few. Corporate experience cuts a swathe across all industries, from manufacturing to government and aviation to construction. The heterogeneity of the class is a testament to the importance of the discipline in today’s business environment. As the experts have proven, cybersecurity is not just an I.T. problem, but rather, it is everyone’s problem

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