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AIM SCOPE (AIM Student Consultants in Practice) provides students with the relevant hands-on learning experience that tests the knowledge and skills they acquired in the case room. Grouped in teams and under the supervision of a faculty mentor, students work as consultants for the Institute’s partner companies and organizations, assisting them in developing solutions for complex business issues or strategic challenges. The program culminates with the submission of a final report and a presentation of the students’ findings and recommendations.


Our student body is comprised of a diverse group of leaders, movers, and shakers from all over Asia, offering perspectives from various cultures, career experiences, and industries. Graduates of AIM’s International MBA program are sharp, forward-thinking professionals who become eminent and influential business leaders within Asia and across other parts of the world.



Key Dates



30 Jun 2023
First Round Scholarship Deadline
31 Aug 2023
For Foreign Citizen Applicants
31 Aug 2023
ADB-JSP Scholarship deadline
30 Sep 2023
GTFI-AIM Metrobank Scholarship deadline
31 Oct 2023
For Filipino Applicants


Eunice Faye T. Tresvalles
"We have partnered with AIM since 2016 and have attended several engagement activities hosted in their campus. We were impressed with the pr...
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Angel Bombarda
“The AIM Career Services Office has been a great partner to us at the ICRC—making sure that we have access to all relevant events at the...
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Carlo Paolo C. Camba
“As we lead the future of snacking, our partnership with AIM allows us to enrich the diversity of our talent pool particularly for early c...
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Selim Kiziler
"We found your approach really professional and as AIM you are trying to provide the best opportunities for your students."...
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Micka J. Pe Lim
“Through the years, Citibank and AIM have had a long-lasting and valuable partnership. It has been successful through their best efforts o...
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Andre-Jr. Kahn
"We have worked with AIM last year during an on-campus engagement. We were able to present who we are to the graduating students, for them t...
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David Felicelda, MSIB 2020
"As part-time students coming from diverse backgrounds, it’s challenging for us to meet on a common ground; but with the conducive and sup...
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Gilbert Chua, MSDS 2020
"My time in AIM has been a stark yet refreshing departure from my experience as an undergraduate. The community built around this institutio...
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Katrina Valencia, Project MORE 2019
"Our time at AIM has allowed us to discover more about ourselves and the world we live in. We are equipped to drill down on the most complex...
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Margaret Rodriguez, MDM 2019
"AIM became platform for each student to be polished through the rigors of academics & collaboration within the AIM Community and beyond. Th...
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Business Competition
“Joining the WBS Case Challenge was a great learning experience for us. This also proves that students from the Asian Institute of Managem...
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Dual Degree with Yale School of Management
It’s been almost two months since I graduated and if I were to sum up the whole experience in a phrase, it would be “no regrets.”...
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Global Network for Advanced Management Week
My university sponsor in Israel was Technion University. It is located in a sprawling hillside property with a lot of trees and a healthy mi...
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International Student Exchange Program
University of Mannheim is famous for good electives in Strategy & Operations. Hence, I chose to go this university. The campus is very beaut...
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