Executive Doctor of Business Administration


As AIM continually reaches new heights in its pursuit of excellent, world class education for industry leaders, we are proud to offer one of the most prestigious programs for aspiring highlevel professionals. Be a league above leadership and embark on a journey of professional advancement with AIM’s Executive Doctor of Business Administration (DBA), designed to catapult senior and executive-level professionals as well as consultants, into a league of their own. Distinguish yourself as a visionary leader with extensive analytical skills and domain expertise to shape the future of business.

Our DBA equips students with advanced research lenses to approach business problems. Experience a paradigm shift in decision-making as you learn to navigate complexities with an evidence-based approach. Our program empowers you to intervene strategically, implementing management solutions grounded in solid research, giving you a competitive edge in the dynamic landscape of contemporary business challenges.

Similar to a PhD but with key differences, our DBA program is immediately applicable in the realworld business environment. This emphasis on practicality ensures that the knowledge and skills acquired throughout the program can be seamlessly integrated into your ongoing professional endeavors. Moreover, it recognizes the demands of a dynamic career and has been structured to minimize interruption to your professional trajectory.

The program is also a catalyst for rapid career growth. Tailored to make you stand out among peers, leverage your own work environment for research and application of theoretical concepts. This symbiotic relationship between academic study and workplace environment enhances the relevance and effectiveness of the program, allowing you to tailor your research to the specific challenges and opportunities within your professional sphere.

Program Learning Goals

Program Learning Objectives*

Skills / Competencies Students have

1. Students will acquire and utilize advanced knowledge in their specialized domain.

1.1 Analyze current trends and issues in their specialized domain

1.2 Integrate theoretical knowledge with domain specific phenomena

Creative thinking skills
2. Students will be practice-oriented business and management researchers.

2.1 Utilize advanced research methods and analytical tools.

2.2 Create new knowledge through original research

Research skills
3. Students will be data-driven business decision-makers.

3.1 Examine business and management problems through existing theories and empirical literature

3.2 Evaluate data to solve business and management problems.

Problem solving skills

* Subject to change


  • Academically equivalent terminal degrees
  • Rigorous study + research
  • Write and defend thesis
  • Strong support, serious preparation, and high expectations


  • DBA has more applied orientation
  • DBA requires no career interruption
  • DBA may take advantage of own work environment

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