Our services are geared towards preparing the students become workforce ready as they graduate. Students are empowered through different career management activities anchored in the 4-step career strategy, a holistic approach to helping students towards achieving their career goals.


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Knowing yourself is the first step and most important step in creating your career strategy. Having self-awareness means that you have a sharp realization of your personality, including your strengths and weaknesses, your thoughts and beliefs, your emotions, and your motivations.

If you are self-aware, it is easier for you to ​​​​​understand other people and detect how they perceive you in return.

CSO has a tool that can help students within their self-awareness stage.

  • The future can mean different things to different people.
  • The first step in career planning involves a great deal of self-reflection and assessment.
  • AIM CSO can help you to gain greater self-awareness in areas such as interests, values, abilities, and personality style.
  • Self-awareness will help you to shortlist potential career choices.

Services under Self-Awareness:

  • Assessment Tool
  • One-on-one Career Coaching
  • Career Strategy Plan


The second step seems to be very basic but, always being overlooked as a vital part of the career planning process. This is all about collecting information about your career options, exploring and getting insights.

  • The next step is to research your career choices
  • You should understand your chosen industry, function and corporate culture
  • AIM CSO will help provide access to resources on relevant jobs and occupations

Services under Research:

  • Online Career Resources
  • Coffee Chats
  • Networking
  • Company Presentations
  • Career Management Session


At this stage, you should be ready to equip yourself with the right “personal branding” tools, attitude and behavior to appeal to potential employers. This includes resume, cover letter, how you look and act during job interviews.

  • As you are your own brand, the next step is to package your personal brand for your target employers
  • AIM CSO can help you meet your lifelong personal development

Services under Self-Branding:

  • Resume Critique
  • Mock Interviews


Take action and each for your career goals. The last step requires every student’s initiative and dedication. Job search sounds easy but challenging in reality.

  • Employers work with the Career Services Office to offer campus interviews, collect resumes and list positions throughout the year
  • Participate in career fairs, career management talk and learning sessions
  • Extend your job search beyond the campus for best un-advertised jobs

Services under Career Success:

  • Online Career Resources
  • Career Conference/ Fair
  • Job Alerts
  • Job Board
  • Endorsements to partners


The Enhance Community Quarantine and lock downs did not stop the Career Services Office (CSO) when it comes to one-on-one career coaching and resume critique sessions with the 2019 graduates and current students across degree programs. CSO saw the importance of being able to discuss its stakeholders’ concerns, to create a workable career plan and strategy in these unsettled times.

Most sessions are held via Zoom meetings, mobile call, WhatsApp or Viber calls.

Common Points of Discussions:

  • Resume and cover letter guide and reviews
  • Career guidance and exploration
  • Job search strategies
  • Interview preparation tips



Kuder Self-Assessment platform is an online guidance solutions provider that offers comprehensive tools and resources for career planning. This will help students visualize which industry or career is best for them



CaseCoach is the leading online platform for case interview preparation. CaseCoach serves 50+ leading global universities (including Cambridge, Oxford, MIT, Brown, Cornell, London Business School, Insead, and Tsinghua). CaseCoach also has a global license agreement with the Boston Consulting Group. 

The platform provides all the expertise and resources that students need to prepare for case interviews, available where and when they need it. Casecoach provide live events, from interactive lectures, through small group workshops, to individual coaching.


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