Kudos to AIM Team Green Innovators Nikki Isabel Laynes, Suzanne Sevilla, Kirk Anthony Camus, and Guian Carlo Mascardo for the awards they received in November 2022 for their project to ensure that every woman gets the comfort and care that she deserves when Mother Nature comes calling each month. These was developed in consideration of the Philippine menstrual hygiene facts covered in the study.

Out of 158 registrants comprising 53 teams belonging to 47 schools from 21 countries, AIM Team Green Innovators received top marks at the Global Business School Network’s (GBSN) 2022 Social Logistics Challenge.  The meet is an opportunity for students to create business solutions that incorporates logistics principles, social responsibility, and collective awareness. At this year’s edition held between November 7 to 9, this AIM Team was included in the Top 5, and eventually garnered first place.

The Team Green Innovators also competed in the 6th edition of McGill’s International Portfolio Challenge (MIPC): Exploring the Grand Challenge of transitioning investment portfolios to net-zero. Part of McGill’s Sustainable Growth Initiative, the MIPC is a global competition that brings new solutions to real world issues faced by today’s industries through innovative portfolio strategies.  At this year’s event, held virtually last November 4, the AIM Team Green Innovators received an Honorable Mention under MIPC’s Normandin Beaudry Best ESG Reporting award. Normandin Beaudry is a top player in the field of consulting and provides advisory services in eight areas of expertise: pension and savings, investment consulting, group benefits, compensation, health, performance, communication, and pension plan administration.

“AIM’s curriculum, which deeply embeds sustainability, prepared us to tackle the challenges in the competition. It also equipped us to be competitive in the evolving business environment, where sustainability in both finances and ESG (environmental, social, and governance factors) is at the forefront of business.”  

– Guian Mascardo   

“The McGill International Portfolio Challenge and Global Business School Network’s Social Logistics Challenge achievements are testaments to the integration of learning from the EMBA program, our interdisciplinary backgrounds, and our hard work, patience, and teamwork.   

AIM brought us together and developed us into passionate leaders, transformation agents, and innovative thinkers for sustainability. Obsessed to be of service to others, we will continue to learn and aim to inspire others.” 

– Suzanne Sevilla  

“The competition taught us to reach out to faculty mentors, classmates, family, and friends to supplement our knowledge with their experience and specializations.  We were overwhelmed by the support given to us even by people we have only met virtually.  We share our success with them. We will always be grateful.” 

– Nikki Isabel Laynes  

“Participating in both these international competitions showcased to the global community, the capabilities we have learned from AIM as we defended our project with various panelists, all of whom are experts in their own fields. This is a great opportunity for us to expand our network.  And having qualified in MIPC’s semi-finals, getting an honorable mention for Best ESG Reporting, and winning GBSN’s Social Logistics Challenge is truly an honor for all of us.” 

– Kirk Anthony Camus  


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