Bridging Cybersecurity and Management: AIM Launches New Master in Cybersecurity

Manila, Philippines (17 January 2022) – Cybersecurity is not “an I.T. problem”. It is everyone’s problem. The Asian Institute of Management (AIM) is building on its legacy of educating leaders in business and management by launching a Master’s program in cybersecurity to meet current challenges faced by almost all organizations in the digital age.

On 5 February 2022, the Washington SyCip Graduate School of Business at AIM will be launching its newest degree program, the Master in Cybersecurity. Contrary to the norm of housing cybersecurity courses under engineering or I.T. departments, AIM’s approach to the cybersecurity challenges bring focus to the importance of management in mitigating cyber risks and protecting data. The program opens its doors to both non-technical managers who need the added technical knowledge, and technical managers who need to build their organizational management capabilities, to empower them to properly steer their teams in the face of cyberattacks and related risks.

Cyber risks, such as ransomware, data leaks, phishing, and hacking, threaten organizations with the loss of customer data, confidential company information, and even revenues. Small businesses are particularly vulnerable, partly due to having less sophisticated security systems and not having dedicated teams in place[i]. Organizations with 500 or fewer employees have been reported to lose up to $2.5M per cyberattack[ii]. In the ASEAN region, top companies could lose up to $750B due to these threats[iii].

AIM’s newest 18-month, hybrid, part-time Cybersecurity Master’s program will empower experienced managers to lead their organizations by expertly and successfully navigating and managing cybersecurity challenges. The curriculum addresses a growing need to manage cybersecurity threats, particularly as today’s organizations, especially in the post-pandemic landscape, adopt new technologies and restructure the workplace.

Within this new program, expert faculty and practitioners of information technology and cybersecurity, will train students to become cybersecurity professionals in information security, both in detection and prevention. Graduates of the program will be able to develop policies, procedures, and technical solutions that comply with regional, national, and international regulations and standards.

If you are interested in learning more about the program or the admissions process, join us at our virtual info session on 5 February, or send an email to for future events and more information on the program.

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