The Asian Institute of Management (AIM) is renowned for producing professionals who embody innovation, transformation, and excellence in management, with a strong commitment to creating an inclusive and sustainable impact in Asian businesses and societies. This commitment extends beyond the classroom and into the community, as exemplified by the Master in Cybersecurity 2024 (MCS 2024) cohort.

AIM’s MCS 2024 cohort has been actively engaged in various social impact activities, demonstrating their dedication to making a meaningful difference in society. Let’s explore some of the remarkable initiatives led by these aspiring cybersecurity professionals.

1. Empowering Educators: Cybersecurity and Data Privacy Fundamentals Seminar at Batangas State University

In Term 2, AIM’s MCS 2024 organized a seminar on cybersecurity and data privacy fundamentals for the faculty and staff of Batangas State University and other public schools in Malvar, Batangas. This event aimed to raise awareness about crucial cybersecurity and data privacy concepts while addressing daily digital challenges.

The seminar featured four dedicated facilitators from MCS 2024, including Atty. Laurice Esteban-Tuazon, Marlon Umali, Maria Gay Advincula, and Mario Demarillas. They delivered insightful lectures to over 70 teachers and faculty, equipping them with knowledge to guide their students and communities toward a secure digital future.

2. Building Cyber Resilience: Fundamentals of Cybersecurity Seminar

In September 2023, AIM’s community came together for a seminar on cybersecurity fundamentals hosted by Mario Demarillas. This event delved into fundamental cybersecurity principles, key controls, and common risks organizations face. The session combined theoretical discussions with live simulations of cyberattacks, offering valuable insights into cybersecurity resilience.

3. Promoting Financial Security: Personal Equity and Retirement Account (PERA) Information Session

AIM’s MCS 2024 cohort organized an information session on the Personal Equity and Retirement Account (PERA). This event was hosted by Mr. Jose Recon S Tano, Director of the Financial Supervision Department of the Banko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP).

PERA is a voluntary retirement savings program designed to enhance financial security among Filipinos. It complements state-based pension plans and employer-sponsored retirement schemes. This information session was pivotal in educating participants about their economic well-being and retirement planning.

4. Environmental Conservation: Mangrove Tree Planting and Coastal Clean-Up

On October 1, 2023, the MCS 2024 cohort collaborated with the Philippine Coast Guard to organize a mangrove tree planting and coastal clean-up event. Recognizing the vital role that mangroves play in environmental conservation, the cohort worked to combat soil erosion and protect coastal communities.

Mangroves serve as a natural barrier against river and sea erosion, acting as nurseries for small fishes and providing shelter during storms. By planting mangroves and participating in coastal clean-up activities, the MCS 2024 cohort is actively contributing to preserving their local ecosystem.

AIM’s MCS 2024 cohort embodies the institution’s vision by creating a positive societal impact throughout its cybersecurity journey. Their commitment to raising awareness, building cyber resilience, promoting financial security, and protecting the environment reflects AIM’s values of inclusive and sustainable impact in Asian communities. These dedicated professionals are future leaders in cybersecurity and responsible stewards of a better, more secure world.

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