THE growing dependence of industries and sectors on various technologies and the push for rapid digitalization have made data one of the most valuable and sought-after assets to date.

The impact of data on individuals, corporations and economies is so profound that cybersecurity threats worldwide have been consistently increasing in recent years.

According to the World Economic Forum’s Global Risks Report 2022, malware attacks rose to 358 percent while ransomware incidents jumped to 435 percent in 2020. Cybercriminals’ use of aggressive methodologies, low cybersecurity barriers, scarcity of cybersecurity professionals and complex governance mechanisms have made it challenging for organizations to respond or prevent cyberincidents, ultimately costing millions of dollars in 2021.

In response to the growing need to equip more cybersecurity professionals, the Asian Institute of Management (AIM) has launched its newest graduate degree program, Master in Cybersecurity, offered by the Washington SyCip Graduate School of Business. Unlike other programs focusing on the technical components of cybersecurity and offered from the computer science department, AIM’s Master in Cybersecurity is a cyberrisk leadership and management program designed for nontechnical and technical managers alike. It will enable professionals to become adept at preventing, handling and mitigating the potential effects of cyberincidents.

Michelle Antero, Ph.D., associate dean and leading proponent of AIM’s Master in Cybersecurity Curriculum, said that the program would help bridge the communication and operational gaps that occur during cyberrisk management.

“With our Master in Cybersecurity program, we can produce well-rounded cybersecurity experts who have both managerial skills and the technical acumen needed to overcome cybersecurity challenges effectively,” Antero said.

The Master in Cybersecurity tuition is USD 22,500. Students may also avail the school’s “Study now, Pay later” program and installment payment scheme.

Interested applicants can send their updated CV and transcript of academic records to