The Asian Institute of Management welcomed its 2023 cohort of aspiring business leaders and future enterprise owners during its convocation for the International Master in Business Administration (iMBA) program. The iMBA degree program aims to mold professionals as the next thought leaders, strategists, and leaders in the world of business.  

For 12-months, iMBA students are immersed in 130 real-world case studies to sharpen their analytical skills and acumen for strategic problem-solving. The program trains students to be critical, analytical, innovative, and collaborative as they go through an extensive curriculum covering the intricacies of economics, finance and accounting, marketing, operations, leadership, and strategy.  

Divided into four terms, the program equips students with real-world experience through its Action Consulting Project which gives them the chance to act as consultants for the Institute’s partner companies and organizations, allowing them to hit the ground running upon graduation. For their fourth term, students are also given a choice to further develop their skills in one of five given concentrations: Business Analytics, Finance, Sustainable Finance, FinTech, and Digital Marketing.  

During their convocation, the 58-strong batch of multinational professionals gathered inside the Aboitiz Tech Space on 18 January 2023 to listen to a bracing opening speech by Ms. Carmela Chupungco, the Assistant Dean for Academic Services for the Washington Sycip Graduate School of Business (WSGB). Shortly thereafter, WSGB School Head Felipe Calderon, CPA, CMA, PhD took to the stage to introduce the guest speaker, Ms. Lisset Laus-Velasco, Chairman and CEO of the Laus Group of companies and alumna of AIM MBA batch 2000.  

Ms. Laus-Velasco recounted her journey as an heir to their family business and how AIM helped her take the reins to bring their enterprise to new heights. She regaled the students with tales of hardship, celebrations, and love which she experienced during her time at the Institute. After her speech, Ms. Laus-Velasco gave the stage to iMBA Academic Program Director Sandeep Puri PhD to discuss the program’s expectations of its students. At the end of his talk, Dr. Puri, Ms. Laus-Velasco, and Ms. Chupungco addressed questions from the cohort regarding their own student experiences and as top business professionals. They recounted anecdotes of their dormitory experiences, interpersonal relationships with family and coworkers, and gave advice on how to navigate the field of business.  

The iMBA program draws in professionals not just from Asia, but also from all over the world due to its prestige, global opportunities, and expertise in producing excellent business leaders.