It’s been almost two months since I graduated and if I were to sum up the whole experience in a phrase, it would be “no regrets.”

I went to Yale to learn more about Sustainability because it was something I wanted to focus on. There were a couple of SOM courses where every meeting we had C-executives from big companies like Pepsi, Spotify, IBM, etc. talk about their job and their company’s strategy. The classes always left me inspired afterwards. There was a ton of personal development and leadership courses too. One favorite was my Spanish class. I’m so happy I got to learn a new language while in Yale, mainly because I’ve always wanted to learn a foreign language. But it also proved to be most helpful when I went to Costa Rica for Global Network for Advanced Management (GNAM) week, traveled to Mexico during Thanksgiving break, and to Argentina and Peru after graduation.

All in all, taking the Yale MAM program for me was having the best of both worlds: I had AIM and C11 but expanded my world to Yale and MAM as well. So again, no regrets.

Ces Domingo
MBA 2016
AIM Master in Business Administration – YALE Master of Advanced Management Dual Degree Program