Student & Alumni Stories
Our students and alumni tell you about the AIM MBA in their own words.

"I miss the MBA. I really do. Much more because I could proudly say I learned tons of stuff!"

The AIM MBA Flashback Masterlist>>

Enrique Martinez
MBA 2011, General Manager, J&M Properties and Construction Inc.



As an AIM International Student Exchange Student from Mannheim, Marion shares, "AIM felt more like a family."

From Mannheim to Manila>>

Marion Mueller
AIM ISEP Student 2011



"Every MBA graduate places importance on the financial value of his/her graduation from a business school. The idea of earning a degree from the Asian Institute of Management was something that opened various doors."

Celebrating Graduation Day with AIM MBA Class of 2011>>

Ainul Mabaning
MBA 2011, Manager, Asia Society for Social Improvement and Sustainable Transformation



"Apart from the strong teaching methodology and influential alumni network, ISEP was certainly one of the reasons I had selected Asian Institute of Management as the b-school I wanted to study in."

My Experience at the Case Western Reserve University, Fall of 2010>>

Paras Mantri
MBA 2010, Associate, Houlihan Lokey Avista, Inc.



"I find that my analytical skills have improved as a result of the case study methodology, I have learnt to manage my time better and most importantly I am able to see the 'Big Picture'."

My MBA Makes Me See The Big Picture>>

Kumaran Mahendran
MBA 2009, Co-founder, Adonta Private Limited



The famed AIM Blogger states, "One tradition I can attest to is that AIM gives all students an experience worth sharing."

Did You Read The Case?>>

Regnard Raquedan
MBA 2008, User Experience Information Architect, RSA



"Your 16 months in AIM and your MBA degree is the best investment you can give to yourself."

3 Things I Learned from AIM>>

Abigail Joan Cosico
MBA 2001, Business Unit General Manager, Robinsons Land Corporation


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