Message from the School Head



Message from the School Head

Prof. Noel M. Cortez
School Head, W. SyCip Graduate of Business 

The W. SyCip Graduate School of Business (WSGSB) offers Masteral Programs which shape students into professional managers not by teaching them concepts, but by sharpening their thinking and analytical skills.

Students are selected according to their potential to drive medium to large companies to greater heights. They develop a quantum new outlook of themselves and their organizations, past, present and future.

Professors are skillful mentors and managers of the learning process.

AIM is a rigorous learning environment. Our students analyze, discuss and resolve hundreds of management cases during their program of studies. They engage in multiple group projects, write reports, do sales pitches, and consult for industry.  Rigor is a fundamental value here. We believe our students need the discipline for an increasingly complex, interrelated, and rapidly changing world.    

See you soon!