Faculty - Dynah A.T. Basuil, PhD


Dynah A. T. Basuil, PhD
Washington SyCip Graduate School of Business, AIM
Core Faculty




Dynah was born and raised in the Philippines, where she finished her bachelor's degree in Business Administration with cum laude honors at the University of the Philippines in Diliman. She went on to get her MBA at the University of Texas at Dallas and her MS in Telecoms Management at Oklahoma State University. After working in the finance and telecommunications industries in various managerial capacities (such as sales, marketing, and R&D finance) and in different countries (Philippines, United States, and Hong Kong) for about a decade, she moved to Mexico and began a career in the academe. Her exposure to teaching, of almost 5 years, led her back to Dallas, this time to the University of Texas at Arlington, where she finished her Ph.D. in Management. 
Her research interests are in the area of strategy- particularly international business such as foreign acquisitions and human resources such as employee downsizing. She has published her work in top journals such as the Journal of Management and presented at national conferences such as the Academy of Management proceedings.