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Global Network Week: AIM Eco-Tourism Testimonial

Posted 2015-04-29
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Shaadee Ahmadnia
Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies
Yale University

"Many thanks to AIM for bringing a sense of wonder and adventure to such a thought-provoking, educational experience. We gained a first-hand account of ecotourism's potential to achieve a triple-bottom line and were graciously given the opportunity to engage with emerging and existing leaders in the field. As if the food and the sights are not reason enough, the course opened my eyes to many sustainable development-related research questions that further drive my desire to return to the Philippines."


Mel Nava, AIM Cohort 10 student (Left) with Shaadee Ahmadnia    (L-R) JP Rivera, Program Manager AIM – ALT Center for Tourism; Mark Chan, Program Director WSGSB with Shadee Ahmadnia


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