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Lion Taming at AIM

Posted 2014-11-03
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On Wednesday, October 29, 2014, the SyCip School of the Asian Institute of Management hosted Mr. Steven Katz, author of the best-selling management book “Lion Taming,” in another session of the school’s Washington SyCip Lecture Series. Mr. Katz’s topic was about understanding and creating strategies for engaging successfully with leaders.  
MBA Cohort 10, joined by members of Cohort 9, students of the Master in Development Management program, and AIM faculty members, listened to Mr. Katz elaborate on Lion Taming as a metaphor for successful engagement with leaders in organizations.  The one-and-a-half hour talk was held at the Lopez Caseroom and also featured a forum moderated by adjunct faculty member, Ms. Cor Suarez, formerly of Towers Perrin and IBM. She was joined by Cohort 10 Academic Director Prof. Noel Cortez, and Program Director Mr. Mark Chan.  
Mr. Katz led off the lecture with a discussion on corporate ethics and the various strategies a manager and leader may take to ensure proper conduct within the workplace. Mr. Katz then discussed Lion Taming and the principles of successful engagement in the areas of leadership, management, communications, and relationships.  He also talked about decoding the Lion’s four senses: dominance, social standing, territory and survival.  By discussing the lessons he had gained from years of working in places like the White House and the World Bank, as well as the vast amounts of time he had spent with real circus lion tamers, Mr. Katz was able to tie in the management lessons into a framework that made it both memorable and applicable to the audience.  

The SyCip School was truly honored to have such an excellent speaker visit all the way from Washington, D.C., by way of his hometown of Chicago, Illinois.  The SyCip School looks forward to the continuation of The SyCip Lecture Series, which will feature valuable management insights delivered by the world’s best and brightest minds.   



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