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Posted 2014-11-14
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On the 3rd, 5th, and 7th of November, the SyCip School conducted the InsideMBA and Analytics Forum in 3 key cities: New Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore. The events featured talks on “Analytics and the Future of Business” by Mr. Gaurav Vohra, CEO of Jigsaw Academy, and Professor Purba Rao, PhD, author of the book "Business Analytics, an Application Focus." The two experts were cited among the 10 Most Prominent Analytics Academicians in India by the Analytics India Magazine last August 28, 2014. The forum was moderated by Professor Matthew Escobido
Dr. Horacio M. Borromeo, Dean of the SyCip School, discussed with MBA candidates the advantages of getting an AIM MBA degree. His presentation also included scholarship opportunities for Indian nationals, such as the Asian Development Bank Scholarship which is given on an annual basis; the International Student Exchange Program with top universities in North America and Europe; and the chance to earn a double degree from AIM and the Yale School of Management's Master of Advance Management Program.

Earlier, the SyCip School invited MBA aspirants to test their qualitative and quantitative knowledge by participating in the AIM GMAT Challenge, where the highest scorers would receive a GMAT coupon in the amount of USD250. Sixty applied but only 40 qualified to take the online Challenge. Out of the 40, Anubhav Gupta from New Delhi, along with S. Vamsi Gorthi, Sidharth Shankar, and Ujjwal Sinha from Bangalore obtained the highest scores. They received their prizes during the InsideMBA events. 
Anubhav Gupta from New Delhi                                  Sidharth Shankar from Bangalore
Ujjwal Sinha from Bangalore                                     S. Vamsi Gorthi  from Bangalore
Alumni from recent cohorts were also in attendance to support the events.

Currently, the SyCip School is processing the applications of MBA candidates for SY 2015. For Indian nationals, the first Admissions interview cycle is scheduled on 14-19 December 2014. To be part of this interview cycle, candidates are required to submit all their requirements on or before 30 Nov 2014.


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