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Innovation and Entrepreneurship Talk

Posted 2014-11-13
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Mr. Siddharth Wadehra
MBA Cohort 7
Consultant Corporate Strategy & Business Developement, Globe Telecom, Inc.
Research Fellow, AIM
Mr. Siddharth Wadehra, AIM MBA Cohort 7 alumnus, was invited to deliver a talk with MBA students of IMT Business School last November 2014. The focus of his talk was on innovation and entrepreneurship. Mr. Wadehra flew from Manila, where he is presently based, to India for this talk. IMT Business School has been consistently ranked among the best business schools in India with the Business Standard rating the institute as A1 (one of the Top-20 B-Schools) in May 2014 for the second consecutive year. The Competition Success Review ranked the institute 7th among Emerging B-Schools of Super Excellence and in the Top-20 private B-Schools in India.

The much awaited event began with the Chairperson for the Corporate Interaction Committee welcoming Mr. Wadehra to the institute and was quickly followed by a tour around the sprawling IMT Campus. Mr. Wadehra received a rousing welcome from the MBA students when he entered the hall that was packed with an audience for his talk. Right from the beginning of his talk, Siddharth bought to light the importance of Innovation for the survival any organization, regardless of size. Briefly discussing the case study of Nokia, Mr. Waderha brought to light what exactly Innovation meant to aspiring corporate honchos and spoke about how Innovation effectively enabled smaller companies with their very limited resources, to successfully take on major multinationals and still succeed. He quickly discussed how some of the recent products have disrupted the market before moving on to how closely Innovation and Entrepreneurship are linked and what all of these meant for graduating MBA students. Mr. Wadehra also discussed the options for the audience in attendance: a spectrum of whether they would chose to go into a corporate job or decide on launching their own innovative start-up.

Mr. Wadehra then discussed the areas one needs to aptly excel at in order to maximize his/her chances of success with his/her own start-up. He briefly discussed the Innovation process by demonstrating how one could potentially evaluate whether the idea would be an appropriate fit with the market or not. Mr. Wadehra then dismissed some of the myths associated with entrepreneurship and highlighted metrics for students to determine whether entrepreneurship would be their cup of tea. He briefed the students on typical jobs of a start-up CEO and ended his talk with briefing the students on what they needed to do in their time in the Business School to become innovators and entrepreneurs and to potentially disrupt any industry they wish to enter into.

The talk was followed by a quick question and answer session with students probing on how to raise start-up funding from investors, Mr. Wadehra discussed metrics that  potential investors would look into to evaluate whether a start-up venture was worth their interest.  The talk met with a thunderous response with a number of students approaching Siddharth for his guidance and mentorship on the start-up ideas which they had in mind and they wanted to pursue. The event garnered the following testimonials:
Your thoughtful words of wisdom were well received by our student managers. It was a valuable experience for us and a great value addition. The obvious enthusiasm for your lecture was evident from the kind of questions that were asked by our student managers which spoke volumes about the interest you had generated in their minds”
-Members of the Corporate Interaction Committee.
Mr. Wadehra, an esteemed alumnus of AIM MBA Cohort 7, has a string of speaking engagements coming up over the next few months. He is expected to be in India again early next year as a Chief-guest to an Entrepreneurship Summit and then in Australia for a talk on Innovation and Entrepreneurship to the MBA students of a prominent Business school there. Mr. Wadhera, who was recently among the winners of the global Peter Drucker Challenge again (Managers and Entrepreneurs Category), believes that he is doing his best to apply his learning at AIM for real world scenarios. He points out that it is neither in raking in these prestigious awards nor being associated with some of the biggest names in the corporate world that makes his contribution so special.  What is invaluable is the inspiration which is he fast proving to be for ambitious young students trying to create an impact in the global competitive business landscape.


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