Master in Business Administration

Master in Business Administration (MBA)

Sharpen your skills, advance your career. AIM’s 16-month MBA program will convert you into a professional manager by sharpening three attributes: business thinking, analysis, and decision-making.

  • You will have solid foundations in the management disciplines, enabling you to approach managerial decisions with confidence. You will undergo rigorous skills formation in finance, operations, marketing, human resource management, environmental analysis, and strategy, which are essential for effective management in any setting.
  • With skills comes accountability. Students must behave ethically, respect the environment, and be professional. Students should know Asian management systems and corporate social responsibility, and be familiar with myriad Asian institutions and cultures.
  • Complementing skills and accountability is networking. To be an Asian manager, you must build and nurture “real-time” connections. Students are linked through AIM’s international corporate and public sector partners, distinguished alumni network, and key players in the region.

AIM is known for its boot-camp, participative-learning approach and for primarily using the case method of teaching. Cases are real-life business situations that will force you to analyze complex, ambiguous problems and to make decisions under time and resource constraints. AIM MBA students read more than 800 cases and work 80 hours per week. Such intensity and rigor develops tough-minded, action-oriented managers.

While you will study in an unparalleled Asian context, you will also learn the behaviors and market cultures of the West. Students’ understanding of cultural diversity is deepened in teamwork with fellow students from different Asian countries through group projects, presentations, and field work.


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