Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Program requirements

1. What are the admission requirements?

Below is a list of required documents for admission:
  • An accomplished application form  (can be completed online or click this link to download the application form)
  • Essay
  • Endorsement letter (from immediate superior or a copy of business permit for business owners)
  • Transcript of Records (photocopy, from last degree completed)
  • Transfer Clearance (from last school attended)
  • Updated CV
  • Passport copy
2. Who should I get as a reference for the endorsement letter?

You may get the endorsement letter from the best person who knows your professional competence and skills.
  • For business owners, please also secure a copy of your business registration.
  • For practicing professionals, please also secure a copy of your professional certification and a your business registration (if your practice is through a registered business)
  • For company sponsored applicants, please also secure endorsements from your HRD head and your direct superior.
3. How many years of work experience do I need to qualify?
  • Applicants are expected to have at least 4 years of significant experience in at least one functional area of business (i.e. accounting, finance, sales, marketing, operations, human resource development, etc.)
  • EMBA students tend to have more than six years of work experience with at least two years in a managerial position.
  • A good number of students are entrepreneurs or heads of strategic business units in their companies
4. Can a professional practice be sufficient qualification for a management program?
  • Certainly. However, we suggest that you take preparatory basic business courses, especially in the areas of accounting, finance, quantitative analysis, and statistics.

Application Process

1. When should I apply?

  • The EMBA program (Class of 2019) will start in April 2017. Applications are ongoing.
2. Do I need to take an Admissions Test (AIMAT/GMAT/GRE)?
  • EMBA applicants must complete the application requirements first and settle the AIMAT fee before taking the test.
  • The AIMAT fee is PHP 2,000 which can be paid to the AIM Cashier from Mondays-Fridays, 8:30AM to 5:30PM only. You may also deposit your payment through AIM’s bank account;
Account Name: Asian Institute of Management
Savings Account#: 3213-2245-72
Bank Name: Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI)
Corinthians Plaza Branch, Paseo de Roxas St., Makati City                                                                            
          *please send us a copy of the deposit slip to verify the payment made and we will issue an Official Receipt in return
  • All applicants are required to take the AIM Admission Test (AIMAT) to evaluate their qualitative and quantitative knowledge needed for the program.You may opt to take the GMAT or GRE. If you have taken one within the past two years, please submit a certified true copy of your results.
3. When can I take the AIMAT?
  • The AIMAT is conducted by the Admissions Office at 9am to 12nn or 1pm to 4pm. Please make a reservation through Ms. Cherrie Magbanua (
4. When are the AIMAT results available?
  • AIMAT results are released a week after taking the exam.
5. Will the AIMAT score expire?
  • Yes. The AIMAT score is valid only for 2 years after testing date.
6. What is the interview process and how will I be assessed?
  • Completed requirements with the AIMAT results are initially assessed and verified by the Executive Managing Director (EMD) of the Admissions office. After which, short-listed candidates will be invited to a panel interview. The panel will be composed of one or two faculty members and the EMD .
7. After the interview, when do I know the results?
  • The Admissions office will notify all interviewed applicants via e-mail within one week after the interview.
8. If accepted, how much is the reservation fee?
  • Upon acceptance into the program, you may reserve a slot for a fee of USD 3000.

Program Schedule

1. When is the opening of classes?
  • The EMBA Class of 2019 will start on April 25, 2017.
2. How long is the program duration?
  • The duration is 20 months composed of 5 terms. Each term is approximately 15 weeks including a one-week break on the eight week. There is a two-week break in between terms, except for the Christmas break. After the Christmas break, the program resumes on the second Monday of January 2019.
3. What is the maximum number of years to complete the degree?
  • You need to complete the EMBA academic degree requirements within three years.
4.    What is the normative class schedule?
  • For the April 2017 intake, the schedule is Tuesdays-Thursdays at 6:00pm to 9:30pm and Saturdays at 8:30am to 12nn

Program Design

1. Why enroll in an Executive MBA program? 
  • The EMBA Program is designed for practicing managers and professionals who are based in the Philippines.
  • EMBA students bring a greater depth and diversity of managerial experience and expertise to the learning sessions.
  • The application of classroom learning to the workplace is the capstone course for the EMBA. The course on Assurance of Relevance of Learning (ARL) is a personalized project that consists of a progression of applications of the coursework to your workplace, to your business or to your professional development goals. You may choose two mentors from among the AIM faculty, in coordination with the EMBA Admin  Team.
2. Can I waive a course that I have previously taken up?
  • We recommend that you attend all core courses in the program so as not to diminish the rich sharing and exchange of the depth and breadth of knowledge, expertise and experience that each student brings to the program.
  • However, should you wish to waive attendance in a core course, you may opt to enroll in specialized courses or electives in lieu of the core course, subject to an assessment of prior learning  (APL) or of previous professional achievements and/or current professional certifications. A minimum fee of (PHP 5, 000) will be assessed for each APL that you elect to undergo. The waiver of attendance is not equivalent to any tuition discounts or refunds.
 3. What are the electives and concentrations?
  •  Electives and concentrations vary in each school year depending on the consolidated needs and preferences of students from across all degree programs at AIM at any one time.
5. What is the profile of your faculty members?
  • AIM faculty are seasoned practitioner-oriented mentors and managers of learning. They bring to the class a broad regional outlook, a wide experience and knowledge of Asian management practices.
All AIM full time and adjunct faculty teach various courses in both degree and certificate programs.
The EMBA faculty are practitioner oriented and/or specialists in at least one field of management, with management and/or entrepreneurial experience.

Every course is managed by a team of academically qualified and professionally qualified full-time faculty. Many teams include adjunct faculty who are professional managers and/or entrepreneurs who teach across AIM’s degree courses, electives and executive programs.

Please click here to view their individual profiles.
7. What happens if I exceed the allowable number of absences?
  • Students are allowed a maximum of 20% absences from the total class sessions of each core or elective course. Otherwise, students are required to retake the course with corresponding fees.
  • The program calendar allows students to schedule business trips in advance. However, unscheduled, urgent and important business trips and other emergencies are inevitable. If you missed more than 20% of the required number of sessions, make up sessions can be arranged through other programs offered by AIM. Corresponding additional fees for make up sessions will apply. 


1. How much is the program fee?
  • The total program fee is USD 26,500 for the core courses, electives and capstone project. Specializations and additional courses are not included in this fee.
2. What are included in the fees?
  • The fees include tuition, miscellaneous fees, and standard learning materials.
3. If I need to withdraw from the program at some point, will I be entitled to a refund?
  • Students who withdraw from the program after the start of the Term will not be entitled to any refund.
  • Students who avail of installment plans and have not settled their outstanding liabilities for any term shall not be allowed to proceed to the next term
  • If withdrawal from the program is deemed unavoidable, courses that have been completed may be credited in other AIM degree programs via an Assurance of Prior Learning (APL) process.

Sponsorship for Companies

1.  May we nominate more than one applicant for the EMBA program?
  • Certainly. However, admission will still depend on the selection committee regardless how many nominees your company sends. Applicants are assessed based on the quality of the experience they can bring to class.
2. How is this beneficial for our company?
  • Every student who enters the program with their company as a point of reference. Lessons learned can be immediately applied to company strategies and challenges throughout the EMBA program. Also, through your sponsored student, your company is automatically connected to the broader AIM community. This new network could also translate into significant business opportunities for your company.
3.  Are there group discounts available?
  • Yes. Depending on how many nominees your company is able to send. The fees are available upon request.
4.  I don’t expect 100% financial sponsorship from my company.  What do I do?
  • As with previous programs, many students draw financial support from various sources, including loans. You may also want to discuss with your immediate superior how your company will benefit through your participation in the program. Be ready to identify a special case in your company and what compromises you are willing to make in order to get support. Should you need further assistance, please feel free to get in touch with the EMBA team.