Mission Statement Washington SyCip



When World War II ended, the Philippines was a devastated republic struggling toward rehabilitation and recovery. The business industry was seeing the emergence of young entrepreneurs and professionals. With schools rebuilding themselves, graduate programs wanting in qualified faculty, and family firms growing, Filipino professionals who could run corporations and provide direction to the country’s economic development were a valuable but scarce resource. Against this backdrop, SGV Group founder Washington SyCip and other businessmen brought together top educational and business organizations to establish a full-time MBA program designed to meet the demands of a rising and integrating Asian region. What started out as an idea evolved into what we now know as the Asian Institute of Management (AIM).
More than 40 years later, AIM’s W. SyCip Graduate School of Business  continues to train the next generation of leaders and managers for Asia’s emerging markets. Since 1968, more than 5,000 graduates from 27 countries have used AIM’s MBA as their passport to a lifelong career. 
The WSGSB's mission statement flows from Mr. SyCip's advocacy for the professionalization of management- to develop competent socially responsible managers for global enterprise.

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